Our dedicated support engineers are working close to our clients, following Agile methodologies, to support and continuously improve their software solutions. Customised to fit the individual requirements of each context, our support service can be defined by two main approaches we follow.

Reactive Approach

This is the standard support approach where our engineers are tracking and prioritising tickets, based on business impact, then continue with investigating and releasing fixes, either as part of the regular release cycle or using a dedicated fast-tracked release pipeline.

As part of the investigation, the assigned engineer is also documenting and tagging the impacted software area together with the determined source of the problem.

  • User
  • Infrastructure
  • Application
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Fast Release Cycles
  • Value-Driven Prioritisation
  • Comprehensive Issue Tagging
  • Agile Best Practices

Proactive Approach

Having an historical backlog of categorised and documented events involving the supported software, our support engineers are proactively working on improving vulnerable components in order to prevent any unwanted behaviour. In addition, by maintaining a certain awareness in the technology area, technology updates are proposed and implemented so the supported software  is in accordance with the marked standards.

This support approach is helping our clients to iteratively reduce the support incidents by constantly improving the quality of the application with every release.