Expert Software Advisory

Consultants with enterprise and domain specific expertise are ready to validate your business ideas and to recommend latest digital technologies to transform them into products.


We are a team of developers with strong experience in architecting and building data-centric applications, with the DNA of a startup and culture of “getting things done”, using the latest and most relevant open-source or proprietary technologies available to solve business problems efficiently.

  • Exceptional full-stack developers
  • Flexibility and scale
  • Iterative development
  • Fully managed service
  • Delivery commitment

Full Stack Development

Our expert developers have full stack development experience across most of the popular web and database technologies.

  • Front end experience in HTML/CSS/Javascript/TypeScript and most JS frameworks
  • Back end experience in Node, Python and Java/J2EE
  • Database experience in most RDBMS and NoSQL Databases
  • Expertise in all popular stacks i.e. MEAN, MERN, XRX and LAMP
  • Web Architecture and Cloud Expertise

MarkLogic Expertise

We have a team of ex MarkLogic consultants with many years of experience implementing trade stores, publishing platforms, text analytics, semantic/cognitive search solutions and data hubs using MarkLogic platform.

  • MarkLogic Architecture Advisory
  • Fast and secure multi model database implementation
  • Operational data hub in few weeks
  • 360 degree applications
  • Cognitive and enterprise search implementation