Our Definition

Intelligent Process Automation

The automation of repetitive non-trivial tasks, which require a certain type and level of human understanding, using relevant historical data, either structured or unstructured, from which decision patterns are extracted and encoded in trained models.

Our Solution

Intelligent Process Automation Solution

Data Integration & Management

multiple ready-to-use options for data persistence and management integrating through a generic Storage API.

Pipeline & Data Orchestration

data orchestration solution offering visual designer for managing business process automation flows.

Extraction & Classification Components

pluggable micro-services performing complex data extractions, classifications or predictions.

User Interface

Web application for operational management and data analysis. Easy integration with BI solutions or Mobile through a generic REST API.

Customisable for your Business

Ready-to-use generic components acting as accelerators for providing a custom solution to automate a specific business process.

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    Understand Process
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    Set New Goals
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    Identify Data
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    Insights into Data
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    Measure Performance
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    Build Automation Tools
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    Build Models

Start Automating Your Business

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Setup and Customisation

Start using our generic out-of-the-box features and get additional customisations, in short delivery cycles, to get business value from the beginning.

Report and Support

Use the newly gained insights into your business to have a data-driven continuous improvement of your processes.