Our Definition

Data Analytics

The discovery of actionable insights and metrics from different internal and external data sources in a company. Acts as a platform to support data-driven decisions.

Our Solution

Data Analytics Solution

Customisable capabilities meant to support data analysis.

Data Orchestration & Management

scalable data orchestration pipeline supporting easy integration with different relational and NoSQL enterprise solutions.

Information Extraction & Augmentation

pluggable micro-services performing data extractions, classifications and predictions meant to increase the discoverability of actionable information from the available data.

Presentation & Reporting

web application offering multi-dimensional view of the data and easy integration with BI solutions and mobile interfaces using a generic REST API.

Our Process

Data Analytics Process


Ingestion of structured and unstructured data from either public or private locations to capture all sources capable of providing relevant business information.

Extraction & Harmonisation

Integration of the extracted information to highlight complex correlations and insights as well as a general overview on the available data.

Search & Reporting

Powerful search capabilities for discovering relevant business information as well as insightful data reports and personalised dashboards for presentation purposes.

Start Discovering Your Data

Plan a Demo

Happy to demo our analytics solution on a set of data relevant for your business.

Setup and Customisation

Start using our generic out-of-the-box features and get additional customisations, in short delivery cycles, to get business value from the beginning.

Report and Support

Use the newly gained insights into your business to have a data-driven continuous improvement of your processes.