Author: Rahul Rajeev The world of IT is well known to all, but to implement a solution for a business using the means of IT requires professionals who are well proficient in understanding and designing the solution for all business needs. IT Consulting has become very popular due to the requirement of such professionals, many business owners are looking towards making their business digital.   […]

Author: Andrew Blee Enterprise businesses are already mature developers of data capabilities.  Second generation, third generation systems – we start to lose count. Building and operating data infrastructure has become a core capability driven by unrelenting demand from the business.  The challenge is to build novel capabilities that exploit the value of data held in […]

Author: Anastasia Olshanskaya   Digital transformation remains a top priority for companies across industry sectors, both within business units and amongst C suite executives.   IT vendors are piling in, offering leapfrog solutions to help companies, especially large enterprises to become digitally savvy – and deliver superior value to their customers. Senior executives are adding digital transformation to their “must do […]

Author: Clive Smith BDLdn is the largest Big Data Exhibition in the UK and an essential event for all data scientists to visit. It was laid out as a large exhibition hall with 130 technology vendors and consultancies on stands, with several Seminar or presentation spaces scattered throughout the hall. The Seminars were the big […]

Author: Anastasia Olshanskaya  With a harsh compliance environment, companies across regulated industries need Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions that have an integrated data management framework at their heart.   Today, it is important to integrate structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources. The main benefits of such an approach are:   enhanced strategic business decisions […]