AI Consulting Services

Our consultants are guiding our clients through emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies and new programming paradigms that derive rules from data rather than user input.

Starting by understanding the business context, continuing with data collection and exploration, and iteratively releasing intelligent solutions, we constantly help our customers to get creative with their data and use it as fuel in achieving their targets.

Intelligent Applications

Depending on the business context, requirements and available data, there are several applications our consultants have experience building. The portfolio of our consultants includes Chatbots using advanced Natural Language Processing techniques, fraud detection systems for the financial sector, data automation pipelines for information classification and extraction, customer behaviour predicting systems based on identified patterns, and other solutions meant to facilitate and enhance business processes of our clients.


Reusable NLP components for multiple interfaces (e.g. WhatsApp, Slack)

Anomaly Detection

Applications in a variety of domains such as fraud detection, system health monitoring, fault detection

Cognitive Automation

Automating repetitive tasks using historical data

Predictive Analysis

Using pattern and trend detection to make accurate future predictions