About us

Software Consultancy & Solutions

Datavid helps businesses make smart, data-driven decisions by translating their data into meaningful and actionable information

Software Consultants

Our skilled software engineers are using cutting-edge technologies in software development, data analytics and data science to help our clients solve their data challenges.

Plug & Play Solutions

Our customisable ready-to-use solutions are supporting businesses in improving the management and discoverability of both their private and public data and use it for automating repetitive tasks.

Proactive Support

By categorising and tracking all the events in the supported software, our support engineers are proactively improving specific components in order to prevent potential issues.

Writing Our History

Datavid Company History


Founded by Balvinder Dang and Silvia Chirila, who are both very experienced software professional with 18+ years of industry experience, to address the growing gap in the market around effective data management. Our team has a strong portfolio of successful projects delivered for many of the Fortune 500 enterprises across both public and private sectors.

Present – Near Future

Over the next years, Datavid is planning to continue its sustainable business growth as well as continuously improving the solutions and service offerings.

Our growth is sustained by long-lasting business relationships with existing clients as well as continuously connecting with new businesses.

As for technology, our inner geeks are keen to use and even contribute to emerging technologies in challenging topics such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing.


In a world fuelled by data, Datavid supports businesses in discovering, exploiting and managing their private data mines.


Our Team